Migration and Health: Critical Perspectives

Migration and Health: Critical Perspectives

This new book calls for a radical rethinking of the field by unsettling ideas about migration, mobility, and borders to explore the ways in which they produce health inequalities.

It covers a wide breadth of the topics, offering a foundation for anyone interested in current issues and debates in a variety of contexts.

Among other contributions, a critical approach is attentive to structural conditions of inequality and larger historical and political processes; recognizes that many exclusionary bordering practices occur away from physical points of entry; conceptualizes migration processes as complex, tangled, and multidirectional; understands that migrant vulnerability shapes the lives of people in wider communities; and acknowledges diverse and intersectional standpoints, as well as shifting spatial and temporal influences.

The book provides insights from a critical perspective, proposed areas of intervention, and future research needs to tackle the health inequities that affect migrants globally.


  • Chapter 1: Critical Perspectives on Migration and Health
  • Chapter 2: Health in Transit
  • Chapter 3: Healthcare Access and Utilization
  • Chapter 4: The Clinical Encounter
  • Chapter 5: Change over Time: Incorporation and Generation
  • Chapter 6: Communicable Disease
  • Chapter 7: Labor and Occupational Health
  • Chapter 8: Gender, Sexuality, and Migrant Health
  • Chapter 9: Enforcement, Detention, and Deportation
  • Chapter 10: Forced Displacement: Refugees and Asylum-Seekers
  • Chapter 11: Conclusion
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